The OSCE Noticed 15 Ceasefire Violations in Only One Day

Sheling Donbass army

On 13 October, 14 violations of “silence” were registered in Donetsk region, another one in Luhansk region. In addition, two teenagers in Nyzhnya Krynka, Donetsk region, were injured as a result of the detonation of an explosive device. This is stated in the OSCE report.

The mission monitored the deployment areas in the Stanytsia Luhanska, Zolotyi, and Petrovsky districts. Observers noticed a long-range SMM unmanned aerial vehicle in the evening and at night. Also, members of the mission’s patrols once again faced restrictions on freedom of movement.

In total, following a meeting of the Tripartite Contact Group on 22 July, at which an agreement was reached on a regime of silence, the SMM recorded 1,620 ceasefire violations in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. In particular, 398 explosions, 17 unidentified ammunition that flew, seven bursts of muzzle flame, 21 flares, as well as 1,177 rounds and shots.

 Natalia Tolub

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