The plan of our manifestations for this weekend:

2 July (TOMORROW) Kremenchuk: Remembrance action of Russian war terrorism victims – at 13:00 we are gathering near Carrefour de l’Europe, Brussels for a commemoration of the victims of the tragedy in #Kremenchuk.

3 July (Sunday) Boycott bloody Lukoil! – at 12:00 join our Lukoil boycott at Lukoil petrol station Brugsesteenweg 204, 8520 Kuurne! Join us! Let’s remind all that there is no time and reason to pay money to #russia!

Please, join us! Support our demonstrations and spread the word among your friends!

The war in Ukraine continues! It continues actively! Russia launches missile strikes at Ukrainian cities every day, killing civilians! We cannot be silent! We continue to work for those who defend us every day and every minute!



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