The reporters from the occupied territories were involved in the Donbas talks

The occupied territories representatives for the first time were involved in the Tripartite Contact Group negotiations on the settlement of the Donbas situation, the President of Ukraine Office announced.

In particular, the journalists Denys Kazansky and Serhiy Garmash, who had had to leave Donetsk in 2014, represented the Donetsk region. A lawyer, the Chairman of the International Public Organization “Luhansk Fellowship” Vadym Goran represented for the Luhansk region. Besides, the known doctor Konstantin Liebster was declared to participate in the TKG work from Luhansk region separate areas side.

ORDLO representatives have been involved to provide the Measures package implementation for Minsk Agreements fulfilment, in particular paragraph 9, paragraphs 11-12, which call for the consultations with the Donetsk and Luhansk regions’ certain districts representatives regarding the political settlement parameters and changes in the legislation,” the President Office statement said.

As revealed, a group of indigenous people from the Donbas occupied territories, who had had to leave in 2014 due to harassment and threats, was involved in the negotiations.

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