The regular session of the trial in the case of the flight MH17 plane which was shot down in the sky over Donbas begins in the Netherlands. The meetings last from June 8 to July 3. This is stated on the Hague court’s website.

“Due to the coronavirus and according to the law, the block of court hearings has been adjusted, so that a limited number of people will be able to be present in the Schiphol Judicial Complex hall. At the same time, everyone can watch the hearings in the open air”, the statement states.

One expects that during the first week of the trial, the possible defense and the relatives’ lawyer’s comments are to be presented. The State Prosecutor’s Office statement is also expected.

“The court will summarize what was discussed at the previous hearing and what has happened since then. The Defense and the Legal Aid Team will be provided with the opportunity of speech. The protection and the relatives’ lawyer will receive the opportunity to apply to the court. Besides, the prosecutor’s office will describe the criminal investigation. One expects that their presentation will last several days”, the court said.

According to the preliminary plans, the court hearings can have a break from June 12 to June 22. During this time, the defense gets the opportunity to submit any requests regarding the investigative activities, after which the hearings have to be adjourned again until a later date when the reactions are feedback is received.

At the end of this block, the court will make all necessary decisions, and the next block of hearings will start on August 31.

Let’s remind, the court hearings in the case of the flight MH 17 airliner began on March 10 in the Netherlands, all the suspected fighters had been

informed about the court successfully.

The case involves three Russians and one Ukrainian, whom the court considers involved in the Buk anti-aircraft missile system import from Russia to Ukraine, which shot down the airliner then, as well as in its evacuation back to Russia.

A Russian, Lieutenant-colonel reserved of the Russian Airborne Oleg Pulatov, is represented in court by a team of two Dutch and a Russian defender.

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