“We need to find out how many Russian components were in Elon Mask’s SpaceX Crew Dragon rocket,” said Olexandr Sherin, first deputy chairman of the State Duma’s Defense Committee.

The parliamentarian is convinced that Russia is still ahead of the United States in the space. He noted that after the first launch of the spacecraft by a private company, Russia does not need to change anything, everything works in them. “Everything works in us, everything flies, everything is docked. I think that space will be behind us,” the politician said.

Shein also questioned the Americans’ flight to the moon. In addition, it is necessary to find out how Russian the ship launched by Mask is. “Whose engines are on Elon Mask’s spaceship? It is necessary to find out this question. I can’t say clearly yet,” Sherin said.

He also compared the American ship to the Chinese car industry. “Russian space and American space are about the same as German cars, or, let’s say if they start assembling them in China,”Sherin said.

Natalia Tolub

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