The story of the brave Horban family has spread all over the world!

During the occupation of their village, the family sat in the basement with their young son for more than 30 days. The boy’s father and grandfather were taken away for interrogation and captivity. His mother and grandmother continued to sit with 5-year-old Artem in the basement, hiding from the shelling, until one day, they managed to evacuate to Belgium.

Now, they are actively helping Promote Ukraine: they take part in rallies, help at humanitarian points and prepare food, for which we are very grateful!

The Horban family is also looking for an opportunity to pick up the boy’s father, Mykyta, who was released from Russian captivity after numerous tortures. There, the rashists amputated Mykyta’s toes, so the family hopes that in Belgium, along with his son, mother, and wife, he will be able to recover and rehabilitate much faster.

The Horban family is currently actively looking for housing options! And we have to help them with this! After the evacuation, they became part of our community. Let’s help them find a home!
Write to us in private, or in the comments about the organisation or people who can provide a house for the family! Thank you!

See the story about the brave Artem and what the family went through from: https://youtu.be/0Ft4u-ExdF8

A story about interrogations and shelling by rashists in their village Andriivka: https://youtu.be/f_O-UjcDmC8



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