On 6-9 November 2023, the “Games of Heroes” team of 11 adaptive athletes will be in Brussels at the invitation of the Public Diplomacy Department of NATO Headquarters. As part of the programme, the athletes will visit NATO Headquarters, the Office of the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SHAPE) and participate in a crossfit competition, organised in partnership with the Brussels-based Promote Ukraine NGO.

The uniqueness of this year’s competition, which will take place on 9 November in Brussels, lies in the fact that veterans with serious injuries and active military personnel from different NATO countries will meet on the sports ground. They will demonstrate their skills in three categories: strength, endurance, and speed.

This is the first significant event for the “Games of Heroes” initiative since the full-scale invasion. Veterans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been preparing for a long time to represent Ukraine and show the world the strength and will of the Ukrainian spirit. 

Participation in this competition will help draw more attention to the need for developing support programmes and the veteran movement in Ukraine. Additionally, this example will motivate veterans with serious injuries to engage in sports and participate in adaptive athlete competitions. 

This event will once again remind the whole of Europe that despite the full-scale war, our soldiers continue to play sports and do everything possible to restore normal life in Ukraine.


6 November – arrival in Brussels.

7-8 November – visit to NATO Headquarters and SHAPE.

9 November – “Games of Heroes Brussels” competition with the participation of veterans from Ukraine and active military personnel from NATO countries.

10 November 10 – return to Ukraine.

“Games of Heroes Brussels” will take place on 9 November 2023 at 17:00 at Rue Reimond Stijns 99, 1080 Brussels, Belgium.

The event will be attended by: 

– Ms. Vineta Kleine, Director of the NATO Information and Documentation Centre

– Yevhen Koval, Founder of the Initiative “Games of Heroes”

– Vasyl Kushmuns, Member of the Board, Vice President of Promote Ukraine NGO

Adaptive athletes that can be interviewed by the media:  

– Sergiy Romanovsky 

– Yurii Kozlovsky 

To arrange an interview on the day of the competition, please contact: media@promoteukraine.org

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