A group of US senators has introduced a bill that provides the annual allocation of $300 million to Ukraine for military assistance, according to the press service of the US Senate Committee on International Relations.

Republicans and Democrats are proposing that the White House appoint a special expert to represent the United States in the Normandy peace talks and promote dialogue between the Black Sea countries. And also, to create a working group on Ukraine with relevant European allies.

In addition, the bill provides a report by the US Department of Defence and the State Department on the needs of the Armed Forces and the preparation of a plan to provide security assistance, and the allocation of $4 million a year for the training of Ukrainian officers.

“The United States is Ukraine’s strongest supporter, but its security needs continue to grow under strong pressure from Moscow. The two-party law on security partnership in Ukraine will address these issues by significantly increasing long-term security assistance to our partners in Ukraine, while ensuring the accountability of their democratic institutions,” said Democratic Senator Bob Menendez.

It should be recalled that in June, the Pentagon announced plans to allocate $250 million to Kyiv as military aid. In early July, Democrats, who control the appropriations committee of the US House of Representatives, proposed to increase the amount in 2021 by another $25 million.

It was proposed to allocate additional funds for personnel training, armaments, logistics and intelligence. It was reported that the money would go to “strengthening Ukraine’s ability to defend itself more effectively against Russian aggression.”

Natalia Tolub

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