The war has forced millions of people to flee their country. Among these millions of displaced people, Zoriana, 19, arrived by chance at Villa Montald. She fled her country with only some personal belongings and her violin, leaving behind her family and her homeland.

Les Ateliers Montald is an association mainly focused on sharing and learning music, languages, and the arts. For Zoriana, being an extremely gifted young musician, the idea of organising an event with her came naturally.

The purpose of this event was to raise funds to aid Ukraine. All gathered funds will be used to buy first aid kits.

The Les Ateliers Montald (www.ateliersmontald.be), in collaboration with La Villa Montald and Jeugdhuis De Schakel, organised a charity concert of classical music on 14 May 14, where Promote Ukraine had a chance to visit.

Thank you, organizers, for your extreme support and organization!

Florentino Sotomayor
Thierry Wellens Manager of JH Schakel
Ateliers Montald
JH Schakel

Participants: Lana Herasymenko (violin), Maksym Sinitskіy (violin), Olga Artemenko (voice), Vlada Haienko (violin), Oleg Benyshyn (cello), Zoriana Myliavska (violin), Anastasia Varga (voice), Sofia Marchak (violin), Valeriia Ivanukha (cello).



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