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Story Goes Viral – Girl and Mother Who Lost Limbs in War Among Those to Be Helped with Charity Concert and Donations

This story has traveled across the world

It is about a girl, Yana, and a boy, Yaroslav, 11-year-old twins, who tried to escape the war but were caught up in it on April 8 at the station in Kramatorsk when Russia dropped missiles on the evacuation buses. The girl lost both legs and her mother lost one leg. Their knees were saved, so they believe that they will still be able to dance with prostheses.

Yana and her mother were rescued at the Сlinical Hospital in Dnipro, for which among other hospitals we initiated a large fundraising campaign. The girl lost her feet, but there are many patients whose extremities can be saved.

The picture shows smiling doctors with Viktor Rokutov. a surgeon, among them.
He has just performed an extremely complex operation on the girl’s injured lower extremity.
Do you know what can please these heroic doctors? They rejoice like children when receiving the orthopedic bone fixation systems that we procured and sent them directly from hand to hand.

Today, Viktor has written: “We have a holiday! These systems are perfect; they are of very high quality.”
So, today he has a remedy to save people brought in with broken arms and legs. He is their last hope for life. In peacetime, these operations were particularly rare. Now, he assembles Ukrainians like on a terrible conveyor belt days and nights.

And only we can help Viktor so he doesn’t have to think about where to get an orthopedic system for a terrible tomorrow!

There are so many people injured by atrocities that he has to use systems from previous patients. Every patient he saves knows where he will send his orthopedic system. Sometimes, when a child arrives and there is nothing at hand, the orthopedic systems for dogs are employed.

 Dear friends, Viktor will do everything himself as a surgeon – we are capable of providing him with professional tools.

Ukrainians in Belgium and your Belgian friends, you are invited to attend the concert of classical music organised by the Promote Ukraine team just to be with Ukraine and pass through the Patients of Ukraine (Пацієнти України) team such a valuable gift from Belgians! 🇺🇦🇧🇪

We kindly encourage participants to donate generously to the foundation while purchasing tickets.

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