Brussels was full of Ukrainian flags this weekend. Our music, language, and spirit definitely made Europe Day for Ukraine in the heart of the EU. Big admiration to all the initiative groups that have been putting efforts into the events in support of Ukraine.

The event of Promote Ukraine on Sunday gathered around 3,000 people marching through Brussels in solidarity with Ukrainians. Thanks for all the political support we received from Georges Dallemagne, Christa Schweng, Maud Vanwalleghem, and Mark Demesmaeker Benoit Lutgen Christos Doulkeridis – Bourgmestre d’Ixelles. We hugely appreciate your stance towards the support of Ukraine!

As the march progressed, we arrived at Place du Luxembourg, in the epicenter of the EU quarter, where we had a musical evening from Ukrainian and European performers: Eugene Gioni, The Black Flamingos, Океан Ельзи / Okean Elzy, Yuriy Seredin, ONUKA, DrØnes ’72, Go-A Band (Kateryna Pavlenko), Monopoly Loser, Gadjangos, JERRY HEIL, and Lenara Osmanova

Hosted by Lydia Taran and Kelly Agathos who skillfully led the evening uniting us in memory of victims of the war and in praising Ukrainian heroes.

The special treats of the evening were Ukrainian borsch from Євген Клопотенко and varenyky made with love by OUB – Об’єднання Українок Бельгії
Amazing restaurants LUX / BXL Quartier Leopold London – Brasserie Restaurant.

Last but not least, there were Ukrainian symbolic presents and souvenirs with the design from (https://www.instagram.com/nina_dzyvulska/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= та https://www.instagram.com/innaruda/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=), which helped us raise funds for Ukraine. Lesya Ihnatyuk thank you for making by hand hundreds of pins!

While we are finalising the numbers, join us in the first round of thanks to each and everyone who made this event possible. We believe that every step brings us closer to victory!



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