This weekend, on the Euronews TV, we invite you to watch the talk show “Brussels, My Love,” where the founder and president of Promote Ukraine Marta Barandiy, Ph.D. LL.M., spoke with MEP Philippe Lamberts (Green party) and Antonios Nestoras, deputy director of the European Liberal Forum (ELF). They discussed Ukraine’s accession to the EU.

The key theses of the founder of Promote Ukraine were:

  • Ukraine already deserves to be part of the European Union. We already protect European borders and give our lives for democracy and the rule of law. Ukrainian people have been dying under the European flag since 2014, while some other governments within the EU reject European values.
  • The war is ongoing in Europe. In the city center of Brussels, on the property of Ukrainians, the Wagner group’s stickers appear.
  • Putin called the West to war, but the West has not shown up.
  • While Europe delayed help to Ukraine, not having the capacity to produce artillery shells, South Korea sent 330,000 shells to Ukraine in just four months while the whole of Europe sent only 300,000 of the promised million for the year. At the same time, North Korea sent Russia one million artillery shells.
  • European leaders must mobilise, and member states must accelerate the pace of projectile production, and the European Union must allocate funds for these needs.

Watch this important debate this weekend on the Euronews channel. This weekend, the program will air every two hours.

Promote Ukraine Team

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