Over the past year and a half, Ukraine has initiated three new international formats of cooperation in the Baltic-Black Sea region that strengthen the security of our country: the Lublin Triangle with Poland and Lithuania, the Associated Trio with Georgia and Moldova, and the Ukraine-Turkey Quadriga.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba made a relevant statement at the forum “Ukraine 30: International Relations.”

In particular, the Ukraine-Turkey Quadriga provides for regular meetings of foreign and defence ministers to discuss military-political challenges in the Black Sea. The Associated Trio created in Kyiv allows Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova to coordinate their efforts towards European integration. The Lublin Triangle of Ukraine, Poland, and Lithuania reflects a common history from the times of the Lublin Union and a common future in Europe.

The third meeting of the ministers of the Lublin Triangle will take place in Vilnius today. The foreign ministers will sign a number of documents on the common heritage, opposition to modern hybrid threats, and closer cooperation between the Lublin Triangle and the United States.

“If you look at these regional formats on the map, the strategy becomes clear. It is easy to see the vertical axis from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. This is the space of the freedom, security, and prosperity of Ukraine, the eastern flank of NATO and the EU. Strengthening small alliances makes Ukraine’s membership in the EU and NATO historically inevitable,” the minister stressed.

Kuleba also spoke about the active policy of strengthening Ukraine’s role in the Central Europe region: “We are gradually resolving problematic issues with our neighbours. There is good progress in relations with Romania and Hungary. Relations with Slovakia are on the rise. A solid foundation has been laid for qualitatively new relations with Moldova. We have reliable relations with Poland.”

The Ukrainian foreign minister reminded that Ukraine had recently chaired the Danube Commission for the first time in 70 years; took part in the Central Five meeting of Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic; and took part in NATO’s eastern flank allies Poland, Romania, and Turkey.

The minister also noted that the most telling evidence of Ukraine’s initiative foreign policy was the creation of the Crimean Platform, the inaugural summit of which would take place on 23 August in Kyiv: “We will correct the mistakes of 2014 when a format was created for Donbas but not for Crimea. Step by step, Ukraine will return what belongs to us by justice and international law.”

Natalia Tolub

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