The State Research Institute for Testing and Certification of Arms and Military Equipment tested a light portable missile system “Corsar” with a thermal imager, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces.

In the Chernihiv region, under the leadership of Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Myronyuk, standard tests of the “Corsar” light portable missile system (LPRS) manufactured by the State Enterprise Design Bureau “Luch” with an advanced sight, which significantly expands the combat capabilities of the complex, took place.

Ukrainian “Corsar” (range up to 2.5 km) is designed to hit stationary and mobile armored targets with any types of armor: tanks, armored personnel carriers, high-speed landing craft, as well as small targets – dots, helicopters, drones.

During the tests, in cooperation with the State Enterprise KKB “Luch”, combat calculations were used, which were trained by the command of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces, Assault Troops, Special Operations Forces, and the Navy. Calculation operators, along with theoretical skills, practiced practical missile launches.

To determine the effective recognition of the target and the accuracy of its defeat, missile launches were carried out both in light and in the dark.

Natalia Tolub

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