Ukraine Improves the Mechanism for Ensuring Equal Rights for Women and Men

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From now on, all executive and local self-government bodies in Ukraine are obliged to create special units and appoint advisers who will deal only with ensuring equal rights and opportunities for women and men. 

Until now, the scope of advisers’ powers has not been defined, and responsible officials simultaneously perform tasks in other areas. This led to insufficiently effective work in this direction. 

One of the main tasks of the units is to analyse and assess the impact of state / regional policy on women and men, as well as to organise the implementation of basic international human rights instruments. 

The activities of the newly formed units and advisors will create conditions for providing all citizens with equal opportunities in all spheres of their lives, regardless of their sex, age, disability, place of residence, race, colour, political, religious and other beliefs, ethnic and social origin, citizenship, marital and property status, language, or other characteristics. 

Natalia Tolub

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