UKRAINE IS CALLING: 10 million euros for 112 fire trucks and ambulances!

The Association of Ukrainians in Luxembourg LUkraine asbl has launched an international fundraising campaign for the purchase of 112 ambulances and fire engines for Ukraine.

Due to the war, constant shelling, and rocket attacks, there is a serious need for ambulances and fire trucks. The campaign UKRAINE IS CALLING by LUkraine asbl is designed to solve it!

The first goal was 100 rescue vehicles, but LUkraine asbl changed it to 112 because that is the European emergency number, very symbolic and suitable to the concept of a phone call – Ukraine is calling for help. Don’t decline to help lives!

Learn more & support the campaign: https://ukraineiscalling.com/?fbclid=IwAR2QSIZUQ_tzXIxYQJ-9Fh_-ZcOfSOgEcttmECpVS8QSXF934ARG9Rwhu5A

#stoprussia #UkraineIsCalling

Ukraine is calling



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