Ukraine is preparing an appeal to The Hague over the militarization of children in Crimea

militarization of children

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the Crimean Human Rights Group is preparing to apply to the International Criminal Court in The Hague because of the promotion and militarization of children in annexed Crimea.

The press service of the Prosecutor’s Office of the ARC emphasizes that Russia is taking active measures to promote among children the service in the army of the Russian Federation.

The Crimean Human Rights Group previously reported that Crimean “Kazaky” were taking part in a conscription campaign and promoting service in the Russian army among children, in violation of International Humanitarian Law.

Anton Korynevych, the President’s Permanent Representative to the ARC, also reported on such facts during a meeting of the UN Security Council.

So, in Yalta in honor of the Russian Day of the defender of the fatherland arranged a parade of children’s military-patriotic organizations. During the parade, those interested were introduced to samples of Russian weapons. In Sevastopol, students were taught to shoot a rifle and throw grenades.

The Kremlin-controlled Crimean authorities are opening cadet classes in Crimean schools and recruiting them into the military-patriotic movement Unarmia. Children are taught to disassemble weapons, shoot and walk in formation.

Last year, the ARC Prosecutor’s Office opened proceedings for “propaganda of war among children” in the annexed Crimea.

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