The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has adopted an order on its participation in the international initiative “Generation Equality Action Coalitions.” The United Nations structure on gender equality and women’s empowerment (UN Women) in conjunction with the governments of Mexico and France have established it.

Following a response of the UN Secretariat for Women under this international initiative, the Ukrainian government will become a member of the “Gender-Based Violence,” “Economic Justice and Rights” and “Technologies and Innovations for Gender Equality” coalitions.

Joining these coalitions will confirm Ukraine’s European integration aspirations and the implementation of our state’s international obligations in the human rights field on a global scale. Besides, this highlighted Ukraine’s fight against discrimination and ensuring equal rights and opportunities for women and men, particularly, under aggression and partial occupation of the state’s territory.

Ukraine’s participation in the implementation of these thematic areas is expected to be provided by the efforts of relevant ministries and agencies in corresponding go-live national measures.


Among the Generation Equality Action Coalitions’ members are the UN member states; civil society organisations, in particular women’s and youth organisations; private sector (including charities); UN agencies and other international organizations.

Actions Coalitions on Gender Equality cover the following six thematic areas:

  1. gender-based violence;
  2. economic justice and rights;
  3. bodily autonomy, sexual and reproductive health and rights;
  4. feminist action for climate justice;
  5. technology and innovation for gender equality;
  6. feminist movements and leadership.

Natalia Tolub

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