If Iran does not fulfill its promises in connection with the UIA plane crash, Ukraine will go to international courts. The president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky told about it, writes Tyzhden.ua.

“I hope we can finally count on an outcome-oriented policy on the part of the Iranian government. It’s not just that they don’t return the “black boxes” to us. It is also about their promises. They must officially apologize and pay appropriate compensation. They must keep what they promised. Otherwise, we will have no choice – and they know our position – than to go to international courts,” the statement said.

It will be recalled that the UIA Boeing 737 crashed shortly after departure from Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran on January 8. The liner operated a flight Tehran-Kyiv (PS 752). All 167 passengers and 9 crew members were killed. Citizens of Ukraine (11 people, including nine crew members), Iran, Canada, Sweden, Afghanistan, Germany, and the United Kingdom were on board. UIA has released the names of the dead crew members and a list of passengers.

According to the report on the Iranian side, the plane caught fire before the crash and tried to return to the airport. Eyewitness reports indicate a fire before the crash, and the trajectory of the flight indicates that the liner was going to return to the airport of departure. At the same time, the crew of the plane did not report any unusual circumstances during the flight. An explosion occurred after a collision with the ground. UIA stated that the plane was in good condition and there wasn’t a mistake on the part of the crew.

Iran later admitted that the plane was “accidentally shot down” by an Iranian missile. It turned out that the Iranian military had been hiding the plane from the president for three days.

Protests have erupted in Iran demanding the resignation of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, after Tehran recognizes the shooting down of the plane. British Ambassador to Iran Robert Maker was detained on suspicion of organizing protests.

The Main Investigation Department of the Security Service of Ukraine has launched a pre-trial investigation under three articles of the Criminal Code: violation of traffic safety rules or operation of air transport; premeditated murder; intentional destruction or damage to property.

On January 14, Iran announced the arrest of several people in the case of the downing of the plane. President Hassan Rouhani has called for a special court to investigate the plane crash.

Ukraine has officially sent a diplomatic note to Iran. The Verkhovna Rada has adopted an official statement on the plane, in which it fully assigns responsibility for the crash to Tehran and calls for a transparent investigation.

Natalia Tolub

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