Ukraine Outraged by Croatia President Milanović’s Statements

Ministry of International Affairs

Ambassador of Croatia to Ukraine Anica Djamić was invited to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and spoke about the stance on the categorical inadmissibility of the statements made by President of Croatia Zoran Milanović concerning Ukraine.

It was emphasised that Zoran Milanović’s statements about the Revolution of Dignity events insult the memory of Ukrainians and foreigners who gave their lives for the European future of Ukraine.

Deep disappointment was expressed with the Croatian President’s remarks on Ukraine’s NATO membership and the inappropriateness of assistance to our country against the background of Russian aggression. It was underscored that this is especially out of tune with universal values, given the bitter experience of the war of the Croatian people.

“The President of Croatia showed his contempt and ingratitude for the assistance that Ukraine and Ukrainians gave to Croatia during its struggle for independence, as well as in the fight against devastating fires last year. But we believe that this ingratitude is his personal trait and is out of character for the Croatian people, with whom we are united by friendship and mutual respect,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine stated.

The diplomats believe that Milanović’s statements retransmit the narratives of Russian propaganda, do not correspond to Croatia’s consistent official position in support of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, damage bilateral relations, and destroy the unity of the EU and NATO amid the current security threats in Europe.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine demands a public refutation of these insulting statements by the President of Croatia and their that they not be repeated in the future. The Ambassador of Ukraine will also make a corresponding demarche in Zagreb.

Today, Prime Minister of Croatia Andrej Plenković apologised to Ukrainians for the statement made by President Zoran Milanović.

“Given the fact that there are no soldiers in Ukraine, and the contingent stationed in Poland has already returned, I do not know which troops the president intends to withdraw. His statement about corruption in Ukraine is not our stance. On behalf of the Government, I apologise to Ukrainians for such awkwardness,” Plenković said.

Natalia Tolub

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