The second batch of international technical aid cargo from the Government of the United States of America has arrived in Ukraine for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU).

“In order to achieve full interoperability of the AFU with NATO Member States, the Cabinet of Ministers implemented the President’s initiative on medical equipment and armaments supply,” said Oleksandr Matiychuk, AFU’s representative, Colonel of Medical Service.

A third batch of U.S. cargo is expected to arrive soon. The first batch, which included medical supplies, weapons, ammunition, high-precision weapons, and radar surveillance systems, was delivered on 10 October.

As noted, the total value of U.S. logistic support for Ukraine following the agreements reached after President Zelensky’s recent visit to the United States is $60 million.  It is provided in addition to a $250 million aid package agreed upon earlier.

According to Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence, Ukraine has received  logistic support worth more than $2 billion from the United States since 2014.

Bohdan Marusyak

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