The Law “On Principles of Monitoring, Reporting and Verification of Greenhouse Gas Emissions” came into force in Ukraine on 1 January. It will allow for the start of monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions at industrial plants, Head of the State Environmental Inspectorate Andriy Maliovany said.

He stressed that this law is an important prerequisite for the implementation of measures to combat climate change, based on the experience of the European Union.

“This, in particular, includes the introduction of a greenhouse gas emission allowance trading system. Its implementation requires the creation of a procedure for monitoring greenhouse gas emissions and reporting. The current law, in fact, creates the basis for monitoring, reporting and verification system (MRV) of greenhouse gas emissions,” Maliovany explained.

According to him, such a system will allow the following:

  • Receive accurate information on the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from production facilities
  • Ensure control over emissions, be able to limit them
  • Introduce a mandatory methodology for calculating greenhouse gas emissions for all facilities from which these emissions come
  • The State Environmental Inspectorate will check the data in the emission reports.

“Within three months after the submission of such documents by officials of enterprises, the Inspectorate may initiate an unscheduled inspection. During such inspection, the information provided in the reports or plans is verified. This is important both for Ukraine‘s fulfillment of its international obligations and for international counteraction to climate change, as well as the development of a sustainable society,” the Inspectorate’s head noted.

Natalia Tolub

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