The Armed Forces of Ukraine prepares for an offensive blow in an urban area, as they are obliged to act efficiently under any circumstances. So, if there is an order to attack Donbas, the Ukrainian soldiers will fulfil it.

The Commander of Ukraine’s Armed Forces Ruslan Khomchak stated this, adding that Kyiv intends to resolve the Donbas issue only via diplomacy at the moment.

“My task as a commander-in-chief is to provide soldiers with skills of all the combat’s types and knowing how to act to achieve specific goals and perform specific tasks,” Khomchak said.

He noted that the army is an instrument in the hands of politicians elected by the people. But the military will never be against the people and will never carry out an illegal order. The Constitution states this clearly.

“Today, our goal is to protect the country’s independence and territorial integrity,” the Armed Forces commander stated.

Besides, he said that there are about 3,000 Russian military personnel in the Donbas at the beginning of December who are aided by local commanders, according to Ukrainian intelligence.

At the same time, Khomchak noted that Russia is unlikely to launch a large-scale offensive blow against Ukraine now.

“If Russia today throws all its forces to capture the territory of the Dnieper or the Bug, they can do it, theoretically, since they have enough equipment, human resources, and funds. But a question arises: why they need it, whether they will be able to keep this territory tomorrow, as the population will organise the tactics of scorched earth for them, speaking in military language, i.e. terror? Any military operation must have a purpose. For what purpose will Russia start an advance? Just for leaving?” Khomchak states.

He also said that today the Russian Federation experiences severe international sanctions and many problems in both domestic and foreign policy.

Bohdan Marusyak

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