The behaviour of the Russian Federation can be compared to a “pandemic in politics.” Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba made a corresponding statement during a meeting with colleagues from the Benelux countries.

The Ukrainian minister outlined two challenges to the solidarity of the European Union.

“The first challenge is Russia. Russia is constantly challenging the EU’s solidarity. And the second challenge is COVID. Metaphorically speaking, both can be described as a pandemic – in politics and health care,” Kuleba said.

He also noted that the international community should put pressure on Moscow to make the Kremlin act constructively in resolving the war in Donbas.

According to him, the Normandy format continues to function, although Ukraine wishes it was more efficient.

“The expansion of the Normandy format requires the consent of all participants in the format and, above all, Russia. If it is impossible to change the structure of the Normandy format at this stage, we call on our friends and partners to help us, urging France and Germany to put pressure on Russia to make it act constructively within the Normandy format,” Kuleba said.

The Ukrainian minister added that he had discussed the Crimean Platform with his European colleagues, noting that Ukraine now awaits the confirmation of the participation of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg in the initiative.

Bohdan Marusyak

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