Ukraine’s MFA Announces Full List of Crimea Platform Participants

Crimea platform

Representatives of 44 states and organisations, including 14 heads of state, government, and the European Union, will take part in the inaugural summit of the Crimea Platform on 23 August.

“I announce the full list of participants in the inaugural summit of the Crimea Platform. You will see what titanic diplomatic efforts were made over 18 months. We started with one document on several pages, which described the concept of the Crimea Platform. Of course, minor changes are possible in the last days but they will be insignificant,” Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba said at an online briefing.

In particular, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Moldova, and Finland will be represented at the level of presidents. The President of the European Council will also take part in the summit.

Romania, Georgia, Croatia, and Sweden will be represented at the level of prime ministers.

Switzerland and the Czech Republic will be represented at the level of speakers of parliaments. The foreign ministers will represent 14 countries: Turkey, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Montenegro, and North Macedonia.

Britain and Portugal will be represented at the summit by defence ministers. The United States will be represented by the Secretary of Transportation, and Norway will be represented by the Secretary of State to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The European Commission will be represented by Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis, NATO will be represented by the Deputy Secretary General, the Council of Europe will be represented by the Secretary General, and Guam will be represented at the level of the Secretary General.

New Zealand, Australia, Cyprus, Canada, Malta, Japan, and Greece will be represented by ambassadors.

“I want to emphasise that these countries become the founders of the Crimea Platform regardless of the level of representation,” Kuleba said.

He also noted that the Crimea Platform had already surpassed all previous international events hosted by Ukraine in the number of high-level delegations represented at its summit.

As a reminder, the Crimea Platform summit will take place in Kyiv on 23 August. It will adopt a memorandum, which will be open for further accession by countries that failed to participate in the inaugural summit. The document will set out a vision for further consolidation of the policy of de-occupation of Crimea.

Bohdan Marusyak

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