The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has launched a Russian-language version of the online archive of Russian war crimes for the Russian-speaking audience around the world. The purpose of the online archive is to provide access for all Russian-speaking people to verified information about the atrocities of the Russian army in Ukraine and to ensure that Russian war criminals are brought to justice.

The online archive is already available at The data on it are constantly updated in cooperation with Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and international organisations and monitoring missions.

The website highlights the documented war crimes committed by the Russian army in Ukraine during the full-scale invasion since 24 February 2022. Crimes are divided into seven categories:

  • – Murder of innocents
  • – Attacks on civilians or civilian objects
  • – Destruction of settlements
  • – Hostages and torture
  • – Illegal displacement
  • – Attacks on religion and culture
  • – Rape

“We will definitely punish Russian war criminals for atrocities in Ukraine. Not only the executors, but also the commanders who gave the orders, and the whole vertical of the military-political leadership of the Russian Federation. The online archive guarantees that Russians will not be able to hide the truth about their terrible crimes in Ukraine from the world,” said Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba.

The site is designed to convey to a reader at least partially the horrific atmosphere of the war in which Ukrainians have been living for more than two months. The site visitors can hear the sounds of sirens, see horrible photos from the scene, and read eyewitness accounts.

Natalia Tolub

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