Ukraine’s Presidential Office: Operation “with Wagnerians” is a Propagandist Fabrication

Andriy Yermak

The information about the Ukrainian special services’ operation to detain mercenaries of the Russian private military company “Wagner” in Belarus is a fictional story, the head of the Ukrainian President’s Office Andriy Yermak stated.

“This is a detective story made up from the beginning to the end. One took some facts from reality, added fiction, and created a large-scale story that is really impressive,” he said.

According to Yermak, politicians and journalists use this situation for the propaganda against Ukraine, taking part in it consciously or unconsciously.

“Today, the idea of creating a counter-propaganda centre in Ukraine is very vital. This idea, I am sure, will be supported by our partners, who also feel this propaganda impact in the modern world as well as the “fakes” which are implemented into the information space,” Yermak said.

In his opinion, representatives of different Ukrainian law enforcement agencies gave a clear and open answer about everything that took place around the so-called “Wagner operation.”

The head of the Ukrainian President’s office noted that the “Wagnerians” coming in Belarus before the election was not accidental. “I think it’s an operation, but not a Ukrainian one,” he added.

Besides, Yermak predicted that the war in Donbas would be over by the end of Vladimir Zelensky’s term on the position of the state’s head. And, in this context, the current truce in Donbas is the first step.

The President’s Office head noted that Ukraine currently works for resolving the conflict in Donbas in two formats – Minsk and Normandy. It also carries out the constant consultations with OSCE, although the ceasefire mechanism in Donbas is not perfect, and pro-Russian militants do not stop their provocations.

Bohdan Marusyak

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