The Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal assured the society of the invariability of the European movement by our state and expressed hope to become a European Union member. The Prime Minister announced this during his meeting on Saturday, 21 November, with the civil society’s representatives; participants in the revolutionary events of 1990, 2004, 2013-2014; as well as the state’s defenders of the intellectual elite’s representatives. Government portal reported about this.

“I do not doubt that Ukraine will become a member of the European Union. But it is no less important, how we ‒ the state and society ‒ will go this way, move towards European standards. It is daily amendments, daily work that changes our lives. We abandon the Soviet vestiges in consciousness in the economy. We are becoming more open and tolerant. We are learning to take care of and support each other,” the Prime Minister said.

He added that such changes in the society and political culture would not have happened without the fateful events of 1990, 2004, and 2013-14.

“We have not just demonstrated that we want to live according to European standards. We have become more open to the world, and the world has become more open to Ukraine. Every day our international partners demonstrate this. We have proved to everyone that the Ukrainian people are an integral part of the European family, which creates its future with its history, culture, and language,” Shmygal said.

Also, he noted that the revolutionary events had changed many people, respectively, these changes have affected Ukraine. Shmygal stressed that Ukraine would never deviate from the European direction, as this is a core point of the new social contract between Ukrainians and the state.

Bohdan Marusyak

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