The fleet of Ukrainian combat helicopters will shortly be replenished with Russian ‘Trophy” Mi-8. The operation, thanks to which it was possible to obtain this unit, is an example of fruitful cooperation between the National Police of Ukraine and the Main Directorate of Intelligence.

“The months-long special operation required the involvement of the best specialists of both agencies and a regime of maximum secrecy. After all, the occupying power takes unprecedented security measures to prevent any contact of its aviators with ‘unverified’ persons. To begin with, it was possible to determine that one of the Russian military pilots did not approve of the decision of the country’s political leadership to start a full-scale war,” the Main Directorate of Intelligence noted.

According to intelligence officers, the next step was to establish direct contact with the specified serviceman and, finally, to obtain consent for productive cooperation.

Mi-8 trophy helicopter

“Safety guarantees for the pilot’s family became an important element of the special operation. His family managed to be safely transported to Ukraine. The finale of the operation is a helicopter flight to the indicated point and handover to the Ukrainian military,” the Directorate said.

Currently, the pilot and his family are in Ukraine, and they are making plans for the future. Two other members of the helicopter crew, unaware of the pilot’s real plans, decided not to surrender and died immediately after landing.

Natalia Tolub

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