The Ukrainian Embassy in Belgrade called on the Serbian Minister of Innovation and Technological Development to stop trying to falsify history and downplay the role of the Ukrainian people in the fight against Nazism.

This was reported by RTV.

The Embassy appealed to Minister Nenad Popovych not to touch Ukrainian history.

“We believe that the statement of the Minister of Innovation and Technological Development of Serbia is a gross interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine, as well as a mockery of the memory of more than 8 million citizens lost to Ukraine during World War II,” the Embassy said.

On Tuesday (June 23rd), Popovych said Serbia would never accept shameful attempts to rewrite history to portray the Serbian and Russian peoples who were victims of Nazi aggression as aggressors and Nazi criminals and invaders as victims.

“In this wave of falsification of history, those who sided with the Nazis in World War II – the Croatian Ustashas, ​​the Ukrainian Bandera and the Albanian ballists, now present themselves as victims and allies of those who want to see Serbia and Russia as they were 75 years ago. depressed, weakened, and torn to pieces,” Popovych said.

It will be recalled that this is not the first case when the Ukrainian side has been accused of allegedly falsifying history and humiliating Russia. Representatives of the states in the orbit of influence of the Russian Federation are especially active in this direction.

Bohdan Marusyak

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