Ukrainian Hacker Who Launched Ransomware Attacks on Over 100 Foreign Companies Exposed

Cyberattack Crimia

A 25-year-old hacker was exposed during an international special operation conducted by the Cyberpolice Department of the National Police of Ukraine with the involvement of representatives of Interpol, Europol, as well as law enforcement agencies of France and the United States. He is involved in ransomware attacks on more than 100 foreign enterprises, including world-famous energy and tourism companies, as well as technology developers. They suffered more than $150 million in damages.

The investigation established that a citizen of Ukraine was distributing malicious software to further extort money from foreign companies for data recovery.

Malicious software got into corporate computer systems through remote desktop software and spam. The virus then encrypted the data. According to law enforcement officers, the man had an accomplice who helped to withdraw money gained through criminal means.

As part of the investigation, law enforcement agencies involved in the special operation conducted searches at the place of residence of the hacker and persons close to him in Kyiv city, Kyiv and Khmelnytsky regions. Computer hardware, mobile terminals, and vehicles worth more than $360,000 were seized. In addition, $1.3 million was blocked on the man’s crypto wallets.

Natalia Tolub

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