InformNapalm international intelligence community published a photo and documentation of a new trophy captured at the positions of Russian troops. The information was provided by the Ukrainian special forces.

This is a relatively new Russian development of a mine, and there are practically no data about it on the Internet.

OLA-8T marking indicates its composition: octogen – 77%, aluminum – 8%, compound (LD-70, polyacrylic polymer, stabiliser) – 15%. The detonation velocity is 8430 m/c with a density of 1.84 g/cm3.

“These are far from the first relatively new and little-known Russian developments that the Ukrainian special forces managed to capture along with the documentation.

Russian soldiers are sabotaging the orders of their command and leaving documents for new types of weapons intact. Some surrender and, under certain guarantees or fulfillment of wishes, tell where they hid interesting gifts with documents,” InformNapalm said.

Natalia Tolub

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