Ukrainian Tourism Market Recovering

Plane Ukraine

The number of reservations made by Ukrainians has increased. In particular, compared to last year, tourists have already booked twice as many tours this winter: 24,975 applications for the 2021/22 season against 12,557 applications in the winter of 2020/21. At the same time, the current results account for more than two-thirds of the peak of 2019, when the number of applications reached 33,968, travel company Join UP! informs.

Last year, the popularity of the routes was determined not only by demand among Ukrainians but also by their accessibility. That is why some 2019 leaders did not make the top 5 as the borders of those countries were closed.

Egypt, which ranks first every year, and the UAE remain firmly in the top 5. Spain and Greece are in the lead among European countries.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic crisis in 2020, representatives of the global tourism and hospitality industry expected the cancellation of travel from more than a billion tourists. This has led to a decline in industry performance by 80% compared to 2019.

Natalia Tolub

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