A traditional Ukrainian party was held in the town of Waterloo near Brussels. Guests made Petrykivka paintings, sang folk songs, and raised funds to help the Ukrainian military. A story by Olena Abramovych shows how activists in Belgium help Ukrainians, who went abroad due to the war, return to normal life and attract them to cultural activities.

A long table was covered with embroidered towels, and two dozen Ukrainian children sat at it, listening to a story about Petrykivka painting and trying to reproduce it with the help of plasticine applications on CDs.

Alina Klymenko told children who ended up in Belgium because of the war about the history of Ukrainian folk art. Alina also came here a few months ago and continued doing what she had done in Kyiv: an art history course for children.

Iryna Cherniy, Promote Ukraine volunteer:

This event was organised today to support Ukrainian displaced persons who came to Belgium, Waterloo, Brussels, and the surrounding area, to make the Belgians familiar with our Ukrainian culture and Ukrainian traditions, and to help people start communicating more.

NGO Promote Ukraine organised the party. The guests were treated and entertained to raise money for a thermal imagery scope for the Ukrainian military.

Source: Podrobytsi

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