The decision to introduce the visa-free regime with the EU three years ago was a significant step towards Ukraine’s European integration. This is declared in a statement by the Foreign Ministry, which was published before the third anniversary of the visa-free regime with the European Union.

“The decision to abolish visas for Ukrainian citizens has become, without exaggeration, a historical and socio-political event in our relationship,” the Foreign Ministry said.

The Ministry reminded that due to visa-free travelling, artificial barriers to interpersonal contacts had been removed, and as a result citizens of Ukraine have been able to make about 49 million trips to Europe since June 11, 2017.

“It’s not just dry figures – it’s 49 million meetings with families and friends, business trips, tourist trips, cultural events and sports competitions. The abolition of visas has become a sign of a high level of trust and readiness to open our societies to each other,” the Foreign Ministry announced.

The Ministry hopes that after quarantine restrictions are lifted and the EU’s external borders are opened, visa-free travelling for Ukrainians will be resumed and become a factor of economic growth, expanding business opportunities and attracting investment.

Natalia Tolub

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