Russia’s full-scale invasion of the territory of Ukraine caused extensive damage to the road network. The total amount of damages is already nearing a billion hryvnias. In fact, Ukrainian infrastructure is the enemy’s second target after military facilities.

“According to preliminary estimates, damages to the state road network have already been caused to the amount of 973 billion hryvnias. Of course, this is an approximate sum that outlines only what specialists managed to calculate in the government-controlled territory,” Andriy Ivko, the first deputy chairman of Ukravtodor (State Agency of Motor Roads of Ukraine), said in an interview.

He added that these losses were increasing practically every day as missile and artillery strikes were ongoing, and after the liberation of new territories, the specialists of the service began to examine the condition of the roads after the occupation.

“In total, 15 regions suffered infrastructure destructions. It is obvious that the regions closest to the front line suffered the most. Therefore, in order to fully assess the damage caused by the Russians, for example, in the Luhansk or Kherson regions, it is necessary to liberate the occupied regions,” the official noted.

According to him, to date, more than 25,000 km of roads have been damaged in Ukraine, of which 8,800 km are state roads. Also, 326 bridges and overpasses were destroyed, 140 of them on highways of national significance.

The State Agency of Motor Roads of Ukraine continues to clean up the roads of national significance and the streets of liberated towns, removing the consequences of hostilities. Works have already been completed on 1,440 km, and traffic has been provided through 61 temporary crossings in places where bridges were destroyed.

Bohdan Marusyak

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