Russia’s Federal Security Service and other law enforcement authorities in the annexed Crimea use drubbings, electric shocks and strangulation to force detainees to testify.

According to the information of UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine published on its Facebook page, this is stated in a recently published report by the UN Secretary General on Crimea.

It is noted that in none of the cases of torture and ill-treatment recorded in Crimea by the Mission were the perpetrators brought to justice. The courts either completely ignored the victims’ complaints or ordered investigations that were formally conducted and completed without charge.

According to the report, the risk of torture and ill-treatment is particularly high during arbitrary arrests and detention without contact with the outside world.

In particular, it is stated that when victims have been admitted to the Simferopol remand centre or temporary detention facilities, the medical staff usually refused to examine and record the injuries. In some cases, FSB officers mocked detainees in front of their state-appointed lawyers. At the same time, state defenders did not take any measures to protect their clients.

The UN stressed that the ban on torture and ill-treatment is absolute and does not accept any exceptions. Russia is required to investigate  quickly and effectively all allegations of torture, ill-treatment, arbitrary arrests and detentions in the annexed Crimea. All perpetrators must be brought to justice.

Bohdan Marusyak

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