UN General Assembly to Discuss the Situation in Crimea and Donbas

United Nations

The United Nations General Assembly has included the issue of the situation in the temporarily occupied territories of Donbas and the annexed Crimea in its 75th session agenda.

As First Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Emine Japarova reported on her Facebook page, 81 states voted for this decision. Seventeen countries voted against it, namely Armenia, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Nicaragua, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Burundi, Comoros, Iran, Laos, Cuba, Myanmar and the Philippines.

“We are grateful to the partners for including the discussion of the situation in the temporarily occupied territories of Crimea and Donbas in the 75th UN General Assembly session draft agenda. We continue to fight,” she wrote.

According to Japarova, this issue inclusion gives Ukraine and its partners an additional opportunity to tell the global community the truth about the situation in the temporarily occupied territories of Donbas and Crimea and the crimes committed by Russia as an occupying power.

The Deputy Minister also informed that Ukraine planned to submit draft enhanced resolutions on Crimea to the United Nations General Assembly. That is the fifth resolution on the human rights situation in Crimea and the third one on the militarisation of the region.

Besides, according to Japarova, the next UN Secretary-General report on the last year’s resolution regarding the human rights situation in the annexed Crimea will be published soon. That is crucial for further documentation of the Russian occupiers’ crimes on the peninsula.

To recap, the 75th UN General Assembly session is to take place from 21 September to 2 October. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky will speak at the general debate on 23 September. This year, the discussion will be held online and run from 22 to 29 September.

Bohdan Marusyak

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