The full-scale war in Ukraine unleashed by the Russian Federation has significantly worsened the situation of refugees around the world. This is evidenced by the data of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

“The conflict has further worsened the situation of many of the approximately 84 million displaced people on Earth, as food has already become scarcer and significantly more expensive worldwide,” Roland Bank, the acting UNHCR office manager in Germany, said in an interview.

As he noted, millions of people had already lost their incomes due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the related economic crisis. Soaring food and fuel prices now pose new challenges for humanitarian groups and UNHCR activities.

According to UN data, about five million people have fled Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion.

The Ukrainian authorities state that the Russian military constantly obstructs the work of humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of civilians from the zone of active hostilities.

Bohdan Marusyak

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