United States Launches Antares Rocket Co-Designed by Ukrainian Company. Video

Antares USA

On 20 February, this year’s first launch of an Antares medium-class launch vehicle took place at the Wallops Flight Facility (Virginia, USA). The Antares launcher put into orbit a Cygnus cargo spacecraft carrying about 3,700 kg of NASA payloads to the International Space Station.

The Antares launch vehicle consists of two stages. The Antares Stage 1 Core Structure was developed by the Pivdenne Design Bureau in cooperation with Ukrainian companies and commissioned by Northrop Grumman Corporation (USA).

Ukrainian specialists provided real-time technical support for launching, receiving and processing telemetric information. In addition, the Ukrainian side performed a full range of design, testing and manufacturing of the Stage 1 Core Structure hardware for the launch vehicle.

Video of the Antares rocket launch:

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