U.S. President Joe Biden hosted a video conference with the heads of allied states dedicated to the continued security and economic assistance to Ukraine.

“The President hosted the video conference with allies and partners to underscore international support for Ukraine, including through continued security and economic assistance, and the sustained imposition of costs on Russia to hold the Kremlin accountable for its aggression,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said at a briefing.

The video conference participants also discussed Russia’s weaponisation of energy and additional steps to secure sustainable, affordable energy supplies for Europe.

In addition, the Pentagon published a list of weapons and equipment that will be provided to Ukraine as part of a new $675 million security assistance package.

According to the announcement of the US Department of Defence, within the specified sum, Kyiv will receive:

  • Additional ammunition for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS);
  • Four 105mm Howitzers and 36,000 105mm artillery rounds;
  • Additional High-speed Anti-radiation missiles (HARM);
  • 100 Armoured, High-Mobility, Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV);
  • 1.5 million rounds of small arms ammunition;
  • More than 5,000 anti-armour systems;
  • 1,000 155mm rounds of Remote Anti-Armor Mine (RAAM) Systems;
  • Additional grenade launchers and small arms;
  • 50 armoured medical treatment vehicles;
  • Night vision devices and other field equipment.

In addition, the State Department notified Congress of the intent to make $2 billion available in long-term investments in Foreign Military Financing: $1 billion to bolster the security of Ukraine and $1 billion for 17 of Ukraine’s regional neighbours.

Bohdan Marusyak

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