The US Department of Commerce has published the sanctions list of 103 companies and agencies from Russia and China cooperating with their countries’ armed forces. Being on the list means that these organisations will not be able to buy some products and technologies in the United States.

The list published on the Department website includes 45 Russian organisations and government agencies. Among them: the Russian Defence Ministry, Foreign Intelligence Service, Rocket and Space Center “Progress,” special flight detachment “Russia” (which transports President Vladimir Putin), Rosoboronexport, corporate enterprises “Rostech” and “Rosatom,” companies “MIG,” “Civil aircraft of Sukhoi,” “Tupolev,” United Aircraft Corporation, Aircraft Company “Irkut” (a fighter and aircraft manufacturer), etc.

Among the Chinese companies under the sanctions were those manufacturers who work with the State Corporation of Aircraft Engines, a chemical laboratory, the National Satellite Meteorological Bureau, the Institute of Oceanography, and others.

The report states that the list of companies and entities, which are recognised “end military users,” may be extended on the Committee on the decision of the end-users verification. Though, excluding companies from the list is also possible.

“The US Department of Commerce recognises the importance of working with the US and global companies to combat Chinese and Russian efforts to engage US technology in their destabilising military programs,” US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross said.

The list aims to inform American exporters and re-exporters of American products about the need to obtain a license to deliver certain products and technologies to these companies and organisations.

The Kremlin has already criticised the introduction of economic restrictions by the United States. Thus, Dmitriy Peskov, the press- secretary of the Russian President, called the sanctions another hostile step against Russia and expressed regret over the desire to “kick the Russian-American relations, which are already in bad shape.”

At the same time, Dmitry Medvedev, the Prime minister and former Russian President, believes the US sanctions against Russian and Chinese companies and agencies to be a “wave of farewell activity” and a consequence of the US administration “flawed logic.”

Bohdan Marusyak

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