Promote Ukraine International Center for Ukrainian Victory (ICUV) urges everyone to join the demonstration held near the Belgian Federal Parliament to call on the government and Belgian Prime Minister to take a leading role in providing air defense systems to Ukraine.

The Russian Central Bank holds approximately €210 billion within the EU, primarily in Belgium. We believe these funds should be used for strengthening Ukraine’s air defence without prolongation.

During the recent attack on 17 April, Russian missiles hit the city of Chernihiv, killing 17 Ukrainian civilians and injuring more than 60. The deadly attack was one of several Russian missile strikes in recent weeks. At the same time, Russia also launched a wave of deliberate attacks against Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, causing even more damage than in the winter of 2022-2023.

Considering the delay in the delivery of military aid from Western countries, both Ukrainian, foreign experts and political actors predict a future, large-scale offensive by the Russian army in late spring or early summer. Therefore, we call on Belgium to use frozen Russian assets to help close the sky over Ukraine.

During our demonstration, we will pass an open letter to Belgian Prime Minister, Alexander De Croo, calling him to take immediate action.

Join us! Your voice matters.

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