Vadym Prystaiko: NATO Formed a Consensus on Relations with Ukraine

Ambassador of Ukraine

Events in Ukraine’s political life have not affected NATO’s consensus on our country. This was stated in an interview of “European Truth” by the former Foreign Minister and now Ambassador of Ukraine to Britain Vadym Prystaiko.

“It is politically correct to say that we are perceived and we have everything positive,” he said, answering the question whether the North Atlantic Alliance’s belief in the readiness of the new leadership of Ukraine to move towards NATO has changed.

According to Prystaiko, the decision to offer Ukraine participation in the Enhanced Opportunities Program was made not  at the ministerial level, but at the level of the regular meeting of the North Atlantic Council, at the level of ambassadors. “This shows that a consensus has been formed,” the diplomat said.

He also stressed that Ukraine should not forget the word membership and should not be modest.

“Our only goal should be to become a member of the Alliance. Every day, at every meeting, to say that we do everything, but our goal is membership. Staying outside the Alliance is naive and inefficient in terms of resource use,” he said.

In his opinion, Ukraine should continuing cooperating with NATO at the level of participation in joint operations and exercises, but not neglect its requirements, remembering its aspiration for membership.

Bohdan Marusyak

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