A special status should be given to the entire territory of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, and not only to the occupied districts of Donbas.

This statement was made by the First Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian delegation to the Tripartite Contact Group on Donbas, Vitold Fokin. He also added that the issue of amnesty should be raised, because “on both sides, many crimes have been committed, which ultimately need to be investigated.”

“But today, in order to end the war and save the lives of soldiers and commanders, my position is to declare a general amnesty, hold elections, resolve the issue of the special status of individual districts, and better yet, the entire Donbas,” Fokin said.

He also added that he was ready to hold talks with the leaders of pro-Russian militants in Donbas if the President of the Verkhovna Rada instructed.

Meanwhile, such ambiguous statements have already caused a flurry of criticism in the Ukrainian segment of social networks. Patriotic citizens of Ukraine claim that the relevant initiatives do not stand up to criticism, neither politically nor morally, because they fully fit into the logic of the Kremlin and will be the beginning of the federalisation of our state, as well as amnesty for criminals.

Bohdan Marusyak

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