Ukraine needs peace not to lose its best citizens, but this peace must be on the country’s conditions. President Volodymyr Zelensky made this statement during a speech at the III International Volunteer and Veterans Forum “Where we are – there is Ukraine.”

“Today, we move towards peace. There are 28 days without combat losses. We do not lose the best,. Do not lose your fellows. We need peace only on Ukraine’s terms,” the state’s head said and added that “only a modern and powerful army will be our guarantor of peace.”

Besides, during the solemn ceremony of State Flag raising, Zelensky stressed, “The whole world sees that Ukraine and its soldiers, like any civilised people, for sure, are longing for the peace in eastern Ukraine. That does not mean that we will stop caring about our army, because it is you – a modern and forceful military. That is the key to such a desirable peace in Ukraine. ”

On behalf of the Ukrainian people, the President thanked all servicemen for their conscientious performance of duties, courage, and heroism.

To recap, that the Special monitoring mission of OSCE in Ukraine released a report the other day according to which 634 ceasefire violations were recorded in Donbas since its start on 27 July.

OSCE observers also recorded the presence of people in the evening and nighttime in two areas of the forces decoupling – Zolote and Petrivske.

Mission also stressed that their data differs from the information of the Joint Operation Forces. The difference stems because “the OSCE considers each shot or explosion a violation, while the Joint Operation Forces count shelling of a whole position as a violation.”

Bohdan Marusyak

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