We are starting collecting articles, commentaries and interviews for the 9th edition of #brusselsukraїnareview. The latest edition “Curb the Attack” was published in December 2021 – before the full-scale invasion (https://www.promoteukraine.org/dirwp-content/uploads/2021/12/brussels_ukraina_review-en-8.pdf).

Since significant part of the editor’s team was located in Ukraine, we could not proceed with the March edition as all of them had to be displaced, and here in Brussels some other important things needed my attention. Now, we all settled and ready to work on the journal.

This time we will focus on:
1. Efficiency of the help of the international community to Ukraine (economic, military, humanitarian). Perception by Ukrainians.
2. Documentation and investigation of war crimes, crimes against humanity, crime of aggression and possible genocide of Russia in Ukraine. Role of ICC. Potential establishment of Hybrid Tribunal for Russia.
3. Change of perception of Ukraine in the world.
4. Mobilisation of diaspora, citizens of the EU, state institutions, businesses and international organisations in helping welcoming temporary protected people in the EU.

If you want to contribute or know someone who wants, please, write to journal@promoteukraine.org



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