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First Batch of Modular External Fixators to Chernihiv Hospital in Chernihiv for the treatment of open fractures of the wounded


We have delivered the first batch of the modular external fixators to the hospital in Chernihiv for the treatment of open fractures of the wounded.

We have also provided a Chernihiv infantry company with 14 pieces of combat application tourniquets – 17,000 UAH
And 70 more combat application tourniquets (70,000 UAH) are already heading east to our front-line soldiers.

It’s all thanks to you, the people who support Ukraine with your kind donations in the time of need. You are just the best.

For those who want to donate to medical or humanitarian aid:
Account number: BE74 0019 2755 5607
Account holder: Promote Ukraine
Bank: BNP Paribas Fortis


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