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Children and Adults to Invited to Visit Our New Mini-Library

 We invite all children and adults to visit our new, mini-library, kindly provided to the Ukrainian cultural center Promote Ukraine by the Bibliothèques Sans Frontières Belgique.

This cozy corner is designed so that you can comfortably spend time alone while waiting for your child from classes in the cultural center or occupy your child with coloring and origami while you study language courses in our center.

Currently, most of the books are in French and English, with a small selection of books in Ukrainian. But we are working on replenishing this library with Ukrainian books in the near future. And books in other languages ​​will help you and your child learn local languages.

Importantly, for now, books and games can only be used in the library. You may not take them home yet. Now, we are actively working to come up with an effective system of temporary book issuance.



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