We invite children to a free watercolour painting master class: Christmas Cards. The class is part of the Promote Ukraine Connect project in Brussels.

When: 17 December from 12:00 to 14:00

Where: Prostir by Promote Ukraine


Watercolour is an incredible material and artistic medium that is great for children, their creative experiments, and the development of imagination.

Together, we will plunge into the atmosphere of a warm, cozy Christmas holiday. Let’s create our own Christmas trees and Christmas decorations on paper and sow bright stars in the sky.

We will draw two postcards. Everyone will be able to create and sign their own postcard for the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which will be sent to Ukrainian defenders on the front lines. And the participants will be able to take the second postcard home.

The master class is free of charge, and all materials are provided. Donations are welcome!

The master class will be conducted by Iryna Lahodna, a watercolorist by vocation.

Please fill out the registration form, the number of places is limited:


For any other questions, please contact: WhatsApp +380933250393

Promote Ukraine Team

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